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Save up to 25% off on new Fall markdowns!

Buy any FASHION TOP over $18.50 and get $10 off a vest*

*cardigan vest, boat neck vest, or scoop neck vest 


 Cap Sleeve Body Suit – $14. 99


 Black, White, Chestnut, Nude 


 Scoop Neck 3/4 Sleeve – $15.99 

 gunmetal, paprika  


 Perfect Tee – $12.99

 mousse, twilight, poinsettia  


Houndstooth Boyfriend Tee – $11.99

cloud, vintage rose, ice blue   


Striped Long Sleeve – $15.99

white/vanilla, cloud/white  


Kimono Sweater with Ties – $27.99

Black, Ivory 


1/2 Sleeve Button up – $25.99

 Black, white, boysenberry 


Striped Tunic – $24.99

graphite, midnight  


Puff Sleeve Top – $18.99

 black, night-time, rose water   


Crew Neck Long Sleeve – $15.99

black, white, russet, deep blue, heather charcoal


Round Yoke with Lace – $18.98

ivory, vintage rose, cloud


Two-Pocket Tunic – $18.99

jungle, bark

 I am also offering FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more made directly with me in addition to the 5% off!! Just leave a comment and I will email you to set up your order! As always you can use my PS code on-line to receive 10% off your first order and 5% off each additional order! PS coupon code PS155 – vaild in stores and on-line!


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WOW I found a great website for myself and my daughter. I mean where do you go when your hipster jeans ride too low? What can you do when your tees are constantly needing a tug at the bottom to cover that “muffin top”? Who can you turn to when you’re a chic woman, yearning for clothing that covers you modestly, but also looks hot? Try ShadeClothing.com

Shade Clothing is a company with a mission, providing you the ability to dress in the latest styles without feeling exposed. They give you the tools you need to dress modestly, comfortably, and in fashion every day. With Shade Clothing , you never have to worry about your cleavage bounding out, or your top riding up. Each top is cut with extra fabric in the length so you can wear the most fashionable jeans with a low rise and still not expose your backside to the world. Not only do they offer Women’s and Maternity styles, but Shade also boasts a fun line for younger girls as well. I can’t think of  anything cooler than teaching your young daughters that modest is hottest, they can be beautiful without showing too much skin.

I am now officially a Shade Clothing Personal Shopper. Now what’s this mean to you? WELL you can order online at www.shadeclothing.com and use my personal shopper code and get 10% off your first order and 5% off any subsequent orders. You can also host your own showcase and I can come and bring samples for the ladies to try on and see how they fit etc. When doing a showcase you can earn up to 10% of the total order from the party to apply towards your own purchase.

You can use MAU23780 in the Personal Shopper Coupon Code and get 10% off your first order and 5% off each additional order! Great sales now! www.shadeclothing.com/~ps~mau23780

Check out Shade Clothing  for some ultra cute tees with awesome pricing. Your future is so bright – you gotta wear Shade!

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